Poté’s album “A Tenuous Tale Of Her” Out Now

Today, Poté (aka Sylvern Mathurin) released his new album “A Tenuous Tale of Her”, marking the debut album release for Bonobo’s OUTLIER imprint. Alongside the release he shares a video for stand-out track ‘Good2u (feat. INFAMOUSIZAK)’ in which we see Poté explore friendship and love, told through the reminiscing of memories that carry both joy and a heavy heart of times past.

Bonobo x Moog Compilation Announced

Bonobo has been featured in Moog’s new seven-song compilation EP, Explorations in Analog Synthesis, created to demonstrate the analog sounds and sonic possibilities of Moog’s new Sound Studio synthesizer combinations. Each artist featured on the EP was equipped with a Moog Sounds Studio of their choice, Mother-32 & DFAM or Subharmonicon & DFAM, and built their tracks using the instruments and accessories included.